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August 26, 2015

Colored Coins add-on for Copay Released!

We are happy to announce the release of our open-source version for Copay wallet, which allows users to receive, send, and issue digital assets based on Colu’s new implementation.

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What is Colored Coins?

Colored Coins is an open source bitcoin 2.0 protocol that enables developers to create digital assets on top of bitcoin Blockchain utilizing its functionalities beyond currency.

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Maximum Decentraliza- tion Using Torrents

Automatically storing metadata that can be freely accessed and verified in torrent files. The metadata size is unlimited and can contain information like: track record, history, description, validity or any information the issuer finds relevant.

Smarts Contracts Compatible

Powerful Rule Engine for issuing digital assets with various capabilities:
specific time limitations, access abilities to authorised holders only, additional fees on specific address and limited permission to issue more of the same asset.

Extremely Flexible

Adding endless amount of metadata on every transaction is available not only during issuance, but also in future transactions after the asset was issued.

Additional Features

Lock or unlock assets, Send many assets in a single transaction, Zero confirmation support, SPV wallets compatible and more.

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Other Coloredcoins implementations

Coinprism Open Assets

Web wallet based on the open assets specification.


A lightweight (SPV) wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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