API Update

August 19, 2015

Recently we added an “Advanced Topics” section to our API documentation. Currently this section covers two topics: Metadata encryption and Asset manipulation with Mutlisignature addresses.

Metadata encryption

Our API supports the use of RSA public keys for metadata encryption. Any user can choose to encrypt some or all of an asset’s metadata, by specifying the JSON keys whose values is to be encrypted. The user can also specify the format (‘pem’ or ‘der’ ) and the padding standard (‘pkcs1’ or ‘pkcs8’).

It is important to note that decrypting the file and managing the private keys remains the user’s responsibility, our API only provides support of encryption.
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Multisignature Addresses

The new colored coins protocol implementation automatically supports Issuing and transferring assets to and from multisignature Bitcoin addresses (or ‘multisig’ for short). Our API documentation will walk you through a detailed code example of how to do that.

Additionally, we provide the option to transfer assets to a multisig address that is automatically constructed given a list of N public keys and an integer m≤N specifying the minimal number of private keys required to release the funds.
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In the future we plan to enhance our API capabilities further, so that the community can benefit even more from the new colored coins protocol implementation developed by Colu.

  • Fernando Dantas

    I created a currency and an address in Colu. I made a transfer bitcoin to the address created. I can send money to another address bitcoin.