Community Update 6.7.15

July 6, 2015
New feature & improvements on the Block Explorer!
  1. Adding image/icon when issuing an asset
  2. Better visualisation on the metadata


From Testnet to Mainet

for the past couple of weeks we were working on Testnet to experiment with the system. In the next couple of days will move officially to Mainet.

Getting Started Guide

For those without a bitoin knowledge we have created detailed Getting Started Guide that will explain how to integrate with Colored Coins API from A to Z.

Here you could find:
1. Setup – Node JS, BitcoinJS, Request, Creating A Testnet Address
2. Issue A New Asset – Issuance – 1st Attempt, Issuance – 2nd Attempt,           Sign Transaction, Broadcast Transaction, Issue And Transfer
3. Query An Asset – Asset Holders, Asset Metadata
4. Query An Address
5. Transfer An Asset – Transfer – 1st Attempt, Transfer – 2nd Attempt

Advisers & Developers

As part of our efforts to be as community focused as can be, we have decided to remove the Board of Directors and to convert it into Advisors & Developers who are actively contributing to Colored Coins. We intend to give the Ambassadors who are taking part in this open source project the spotlight.