Can an asset info (metadata)  be obscured and be prevented from being public?

The asset  could be encrypted, so only the one that holds the private key (issuer) can decrypt the data and read it.
Metadata Encryption:

Can Colored Coins Be Counterfeited? Double Spent? I.E. Are They Secured By The Bitcoin Network?
No they cannot be counterfeited.  No they cannot be double spent, and yes, they are secured by the Bitcoin Network and are a Bitcoin transaction.

Do I Need A Special Colored Coin Client To Use Colored Coins?
Yes.  Because colored coins use a specific algorithm to define the passing of a colored coin from one transaction to another, you need a client that understands that algornitm.  Just use one of our tools at the homepage.

What Can Be Traded Using Colored Coin Coins?
Pretty much anything.  Stocks, bonds, securities, the legacy currencies (Dollar, Euro, Yen, Pound, etc.), commodities, precious metals, smart tokens and many more. As long as there are parties that will honor the conversion of the colored coin to something in the real world, a colored coin can be used to represent the ownership of that real world thing.