New Capabilities

October 13, 2015

We have two interesting additions to the protocol and the explorer.
First, we added an Asset Directory to the colored coins explorer to make asset browsing more user friendly. Secondly, Asset Verification capabilities were added to the protocol.

The Asset Directory

The new Asset Directory lists all the colored coins assets, alongside their associated icons and the number of transactions in which each asset was involved.  The user can select the number of assets to be displayed on the page and pagination links are available on the bottom of the page. This page greatly increases the ease of browsing and navigating the list of colored coins assets.

Asset Directory_1

Asset Directory_2

Asset Verification

Issuer verification is the process of linking a digital asset to the real world identity that issued it. Colored coins based assets obtain value through a real-world promise by the asset issuers that they are willing to redeem the digital token for something of value in the real world. Users are likely to assign value to digital tokens that can be proved to have been issued by a reputable company or individual. Verifying asset authenticity is thus at the heart of the value proposition offered by the colored coins protocol.

We decided to support three verification methods:

  • Social: Proving that the asset issuer controls one or more social media accounts by having the issuer post about the asset issuance and embed a link to the post in the metadata. Currently we are planning to support Twitter, Facebook and Github.  
  • Domain: Placing a file behind SSL on the issuer’s website.
  • Signed: The issuer signs a message endorsing asset issuance with a publicly certified key and embeds the signed message and the certificate in the metadata.

Read our Asset Verification white paper
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