The Great Use Cases Index of Colored Coins

May 7, 2015

There are dozens (if not hundreds) of potential use-cases we could use to leverage Blockchain’s technology to better our lives.

The world we live in needs everything fast, accessible and secured.
Not long are the days we will see more and more implementations using Blockchain’s technology, and for it to become used by mainstream consumers. One future implementation could be governments issuing certifications on top of the Blockchain (we already witnessing them paying a close attention to the subject) and it’s not too hard to imagine a big pop star issuing digital tickets to his concert.

If in 2014, Bitcoin 1.0 caught most of the spotlight and attention in conferences and publications, then we can say that 2015 is the year of Bitcoin 2.0 – the year of Blockchain technology.

Even in the most traditional Finance and Banking conferences one could see that shift happens. It’s interesting to see they are very curious about it and already investing extensive resources on researching this technology.

When talking about a great use-cases we can divide it into 3 main categories: financial, records, ownership.

Having that said, it’s a great opportunity to share with you The Great List of All Use-cases,
as ColoredCoins being an open source community, this is an open invitation for all developers, visionaries or simply anyone who would like to elaborate his/hers ideas of the best arguments to issue a digital assets.

Keep in mind the main advantages and added value of using the Blockchain for issuing digital assets:

  1. Security – no single point of attack (e.g. braking to a Bank).
    The more it is adopted by a mass of users, the more it is secured – the computing power increases accordingly – by the global net.
    Use-case suggestion: issuing bonds on top of the Blockchain that could potentially be stolen from your personal safe.
  2. Transparency– the Blockchain serves as an open ledger, transparent for all to see.
    Use-case suggestion: copyrights – avoiding intellectual property violations
  3. Consensus– everyone agrees that the sealed record on top of the Blockchain is indeed valid, keeping the status quo.
    Use-case suggestion: voting records – keeping the democratic process.
  4. Traceability– one could track an asset history to be sure the asset he owns is Kosher.
    Use-case suggestion: fine art certificates – validating this is the original piece and which hands did it switched.

Finally, we do believe once we start integrating digital assets within our day to day lives, we won’t understand how we ever managed to do without, just as we can’t imagine our lives without our cell phones wondering how people managed things before.


  • Aaron Goldsmith

    The Use Cases Index document has some NSFW graphic content on it, you might want to delete the file and the link to it on here….or maybe update it with a new document.

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