The Network Effect

March 2, 2015

A new breeze of colors is coming in and some exciting things are happening. In order to properly welcome the standard you are waiting for (soon to be released), we have decided to spread ColoredCoins growing network and community by creating the Ambassadors Program.

We were pretty excited seeing lots of you reaching out to us, wanting to become part of it. We can proudly say we’ve got some talented, skilled, visionary people with impressive credentials, who are super passionate with ColoredCoins, and thought they need a proper introduction.

Meet the Ambassadors:

The Swedish Connection- Rich Tella

Meet Rich who acts as a key figure within Sweden’s crypto community. If you are an individual or a company that is building digital economy using Blockchain technology, you want him around.


The Spain Connection – Alex Puig

Meet Alex, the founder and leader of Digital Currency Summit, the first conference about virtual currencies for the financial world, focused on licensing and compliance, government advocacy, and strategic market development for banks and finance ecosystem. If you are travelling to Barcelona, Madrid or Andorra, you should talk to him.

The Russian Connection – Dima Starodubcev

Meet Dima, an early Bitcoin miner (2011) who now invests most of his time into the most cool crypto currencies and DApps. He loves to continuously explore tech and think how to use the scope of technologies to boost investments.

The Italian Connection – Costa Tenuta

Located in the amazing Rome, Costa is an economist with master degree in Computer Information Systems at Berkeley. Fascinated by the magic of BlockChain technology, he started to develop on top of it and working on 2 different bitcoin projects these days.

Our goal is to spread all over the globe and we do have more Ambassadors coming these days. So, if you think you have what it takes to become one or would like to be a good friend and vouch for someone, please contact us at:

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Until next time… how to get free gems on episode keep coloring